Key definitions

#weareone — the hashtag, slogan and motto of all our products.

WAODAO — is the DAO organized during the sale of AI generated art.

ArtChain — image generation system in which each subsequent image is built on the basis of all the previous ones. The idea is based on the principles of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

WiseNFT — a platform for composite NFTs: investment NFTs, info-capsule NFTs, media NFTs, text NFTs, product NFTs and others.

WAO — accounting token of the WAODAO.

Wise ART #№ — the final art of a day minted as an NFT. Those NFT's are then sold on daily 20h auctions.

Genesis ART — the first art of a day based on which all the subsequent art is generated.

Human input — a phrase that the winner chooses to describe the day and thereby make his contribution to the ArtChain. If the winner does not provide a phrase, then we take the phrase of one of the auction participants.

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