Project scoring

First of all, the founders of the DAO evaluate the fundamental potential of each cryptocurrency, token or NFT. For our analysis we use formal models that are constantly improved and refined in accordance with the rapidly changing market environment. In general, the scoring model of asset valuation is an analysis of each area of the project:

1. General factors:

1.1. Evaluation of the white paper and the project’s website;

1.2. Project's sustainability, future prospects and feasibility;

1.3. Competitive environment analysis;

1.4. Is there a working MVP?

1.5. Duration and characteristics of the token sale;

1.6. Does the project have a roadmap and does the team follow it?

2. Project's team:

2.1. CEO's experience and competence;

2.2. Experience and competence of other team members;

2.3. Have individual team members and the team as a whole had any successful projects in the past?

2.4. Project's advisors and ambassadors.

3. Economic indicators:

3.1. Business model and its effectiveness;

3.2. Investments from major business angels and funds and the structure of their deals;

3.3. Tokenomics Analysis;

3.5. Token Allocation;

3.6. Determining the investment horizon.

4. Marketing:

4.1. Tracking mentions of the project in the media;

4.2. Is the project being discussed on any websites of professional communities?

4.3. Evaluation of the marketing budget;

4.4. Social activity of team members and project’s corporate account;

4.5. Influencers take on the project

5. Development:

5.1. Project's Github analysis.

5.2. Code audit from well-known companies in the industry;

5.3. Functional testing, searching for bugs.

The model is constantly being improved in accordance with the emergence of new market data.

We test AI scoring models to analyze projects.

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