The image, attributes and the description of the NFT will be stored in IPFS. At the initial stage, we will use the Filebase service. We can switch to other data storage services if more reliable and secure options appear. In any case, we will adhere to the principle of storing all NFT data in a decentralized manner without using centralized servers.

Each NFT has 8 characteristics in attributes:

  • The region which provided the news for generating the final image.

  • The service or algorithm used for image generation.

  • The primary color code of the resulting NFT (the predominant color of the image).

  • The name of the main color of the resulting NFT.

  • Twitter trend theme.

  • Trending Crypto.

  • Trending NFT Collection.

  • New coin with highest volume. The winner's phrase does not go into attributes, but rather into the NFT's description, since it might be too long to fit into an attribute.

Example attributes: Asia, Starryai, #353f61, Bay Of Many, Halloween, Aptos, CryptoPunks, Vemate.

Each NFT has a Description, which contains information on the winner of the previous auction and his phrases, a link to the Permaweb of the previous day as well as the trends and news of the day. Also, there is "secret ingredient" - "secret hash" (it is responsible for the secret cultural ingredient, but exact sense of the hash will be opened in the end of the project).

Example description:

ArtChain Day 6

Human input by auction bidder of the day #5:

Today was a wonderful day. I want to say β€œHello” to all the world from Tokio, my name is Satoshi!

Winner address of the day #5:


Day #5 in Arweave Permaweb:

News of the day #6:

Africa: Kenya's new cabinet sworn in two months after vote

Asia: ASEAN ministers hold talks on festering Myanmar crisis

Latin America: Brazilians arriving in Ecuador for Copa Libertadores final

North America: Will Elon Musk allow Donald Trump back on Twitter?

Oceania: 20 Kalgoorlie miners strike it rich, sharing $53 million in another Goldfields Powerball jackpot

Europe: UN report: Climate pollution reductions 'highly inadequate'

Crypto: Google Cloud announces Blockchain Node Engine to start on Ethereum

Secret hash:


The structure of the NFT description may be slightly adjusted in the future.

Arweave Permaweb

In ArtChain, only the final image will be converted to NFT, but the entire chain of image generation can be seen on our website. The site is a centralized entity, so we will save its individual pages in Arweave Permaweb. This will allow us to preserve our entire chain for hundreds of years, since Arweave predicts its repositories will exist for at least 200+ years, and with a reduction in the cost of storing information, storage duration will tend to infinity. Links to Arweave Permaweb could be found on the project's website, as well as in the description of the NFT.

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