Project philosophy

«One of the astronauts who went to the moon later described his experience looking back at the Earth from that perspective. Earth looked so small, he said. Just a single sphere hanging in space. It made him very sad to realize that we have divided the world arbitrarily into countries that we’re fiercely attached to, with borders we keep waging wars to protect. What we do just doesn’t make sense, he realized. We have just this one Earth with one people to take care of it, and the way we’re going about it is crazy». — Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chödrön

In today's world we are artificially divided - there are always "us" and "them". We have bordered states that have their own governments, armies, laws and interests. But in the 21st century, it's time to understand that we all live on the same planet, have a similar body structure, breathe, eat, love, get sick and recover, are born and die. Artificial division into states and nations becomes superfluous. The Internet and social networks bring us closer to unity: videos, photos and texts from every corner of the planet allow us to see that all people strive for happiness and love.

Many believe that war is pointless and it's only politicians that “muddy the waters”, protecting their own interests. Of course, we are not talking about fanatics and psychopaths - a small minority present in every society. What's really interesting is that the new generation, growing up "online" and communicating with their peers from all around the world through the Internet, is far less aggressive than their parents and grandparents. The virtual world brings people closer together in the real world, and they have fewer reasons for conflicts and quarrels.

Our #weareone collection was created to take another small step closer to the unity of the world. We take the main news of the day from 6 macro regions of the world and one piece of digital news. Based on this input, we generate a picture using artificial intelligence. Then, based on this picture and news from one more region, we generate another image using AI. As a result, the final picture, which is minted as an NFT, contains all the news from around the world (it should also be mentioned that auction winners participate in the generation process, since the Genesis picture of the next day is created based on the winner’s phrase). The picture of the day is an imprint of the state our world on that date, like a digital mirror. This transformation allows us to erase the boundaries in the human mind and digitally shows us that the world is united and we should all live in love and friendship. This is how artificial intelligence sees our world today - this phrase can characterize every NFT of a given day. In the future, artificial intelligence will most likely do this in a fully automated mode and might even give some advice on solving the world's problems. Only artificial intelligence will be able to analyze the global state of affairs, take into account billions of factors and come up with an optimal development strategy. At the current stage, we are taking a small step into this domain. Rather, it's a kind of a prototype, the simplest MVP of the future AI. If the NFTs turn out to be depressive and gloomy, then we should think to ourselves “are we on the right track?". Also, our 5-year project (for now it's the minimal duration we are focusing on) will allow us to track the improvement of artificial intelligence. We will see the AI getting better at understanding our world, and also, most likely, we will notice a significant improvement in AI models for generating images based on text.

The main philosophical goal of the project is to spread out the idea of the world's unity. Thus we are trying to bring such notions as the World Passport and a shared world for all people a little bit closer to fruition. It is important to note here that this concept is not about eliminating national peculiarities and traditions or aiming for total globalization. Traditions and national peculiarities will remain, but they are not what separates us. They only show that we are all different to some extent and every person is unique, but despite this we all have the same values: peace, life, friendship, cooperation and love. National peculiarities allow us to enjoy travelling around the world and discover different culture. And every time we do that, we see once again that every person on our planet wants to live in love, harmony and friendship.

It's time to put wars and conflicts away into the dusty closet of the past. We want and will live in a united world in which our national peculiarities are preserved. In this world, the big one will respect the rights of the small one, and the small one will feel safe. The concept of the world's unity will help us to eliminate nuclear weapons (we never saw mice building their own mousetraps and surround themselves with them), take climate change problems more seriously and put technology at the service of all mankind.


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