Smart contracts

Smart contracts and security

Our contracts were built on OpenZeppelin technologies. We used OpenZeppelin library for secure smart contract development. These contracts were built on a solid foundation of community-vetted code.

You can find OpenZeppelin library detailed description here.

Actual library source is available on github.

WAO DAO token contract (ERC20 standart): 0xc3ad687c8ecb352d56393c77d19018b93a6ad21a You can find contract technical description here.

WAO DAO NFT contract (ERC721 standart): 0x3b9a62c6dd4d93f8a6fa4a350da32d28fac80863 You can find contract technical description here.

For Treasury management we use Gnosis safe smart contracts with 2/4 signatures threshold.

Our Ethereum Gnosis safe: 0x6551DA3a016eE12a14aE4435B615222d71BEA778

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