Our CEO has been an active investor since 2006 and in crypto since 2017, our CTO is in development since 1994. We have financial, investment, business, art and development background.

Our CTO first saw a computer when he was 12 (28 years ago!). That was a starting point of his career as a developer. In high school he successfully participated in computer science contests. After school and university, he worked as senior developer, team manager and solution architect. He took part in many successful projects for government and major companies.

In 2020 our founders started a public portfolio, investing $200 each month into new coins. During an 18-month period $3400 were invested, at the end of the investment period the portfolio grew to $194 947. You can see information on all the deals and performance of the portfolio in this tab. We intend to replicate this on a larger scale, but likely with more modest results in terms of percentage. In 2022, we came up with the idea to combine the philosophy of digital art with investment, so we started developing our project.

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