Q1 2023: ✅ project launch, one NFT will be minted every day.

Q1 2023: ✅The DAO mechanics are activated after 50 successful NFT auctions.

Q1 2023: ✅crew3 competition.

Q1 2023: scan release

2024-2025: WAO Avatars launch (after 100+ holders)

Q4 2023: ✅Treasury metrics become publicly displayed for NFT holders

Q4 2024: WAODAO participants can claim WAO tokens that were generated by NFTs

2024-2025: the development of NFT info-capsules (expansion and scaling of the project's idea)

Throughout the project's lifespan, we will strive for maximum decentralization and transparency: we will try to put all the stages of image generation on-chain, and will also seek for the collective management of the Treasuary.

Q1 2028: fund closure or renewal voting.

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