😜WAO Avatars

WAO Avatars can be obtained in exchange for 10%+ of the rate corresponding to the NFT avatar of the day, but a minimum of 0.1 ETH. WAO Avatars are soulbound tokens.

WAO Avatars is the additional project of WAODAO that is created for charity and making world better place. Funding for such initiatives is done through voting. Only a person who is engaged in charity and creation "has a virtual face." WAO Avatars will start 6-30 months after the launch of the main one (minimum 100 holders of NFT). The project is voluntary, users may not get an avatar. For example, a participant won the auction at a rate of 2 ETH, he can claim avatar corresponding to the NFT of the day for a minimum of 0.2 ETH (or more if desired) and these 0.2 ETH will go to a charitable / creative foundation.

WAO Avatars are created from 2 parts of the face: they shows us one more time that #WEAREONE.

Example of WAODAO NFT of the day and Avatar that was made on its basis:

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